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QCS Aquaponics

QCS’s Aquaponics Certification program was developed to address GAPs and food safety elements of aquaponic operations as a whole integrated production facility.

Aquaponic operations of any size may apply for QCS Aquaponics Certification. The production of crops and fish/shellfish are covered under this program. The growing number of aquaponic producers in the US and worldwide also have the option to bundle this certification with others we offer therefore streamlining your certification needs while showing responsible production practices to your customers.

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QCS Certification Manual
QCS Aquaponics Packet Zip
QCS FAQs GAP Aquaponics
QCS Aquaponics GAPs Food Safety Primer for Growers
QCS Aquaponics GAPs Food Safety Standard
QCS Aquaponics GAPs Food Safety Application
QCS Aquaponics GAPs Food Safety Steps to Certify and Fee Structure
QCS Aquaponics GAPs Food Safety Grower Self-Audit Checklist

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