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Agricultural Justice

QCS is one of four partners who helped develop the Agricultural Justice Project (AJP) Standards, and is one of two certifiers accredited by AJP to conduct inspection and certification to the Standards. AJP certification is a food justice certification, based on standards of economic equity for farmers and just working conditions for farm workers. Certified operations are held to strict standards of transparency and go through an in depth audit by QCS to ensure compliance with the Agricultural Justice Project Standards.

Feel free to contact QCS if you have any questions. Visit the AJP website at www.agriculturaljusticeproject.org to view the current standards and learn more about the Agricultural Justice Project.

Certification Resources

Certification Packet

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AJP Worker Pamphlet -Spanish
AJP Worker Pamphlet
AJP Policy Manual
QCS AJP Standards
QCS AJP Mark Licensing Contract
Food Justice Certification (AJP) Grower Group
Food Justice Certification (AJP) Business
Agricultural Justice Project Packet
QCS Food Justice Fee Structure
AJP Producer Application-Instructions
AJP Producer Renewal Application For Renewing Clients Only
AJP Food Business Renewal Application For Renewing Clients Only
AJP Grower Group Application
AJP Producer Application
AJP Food Business Application
AJP Grower Group Application-Instructions
AJP Food Business Application-Instructions

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